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Why the title : The Truth About Rome?

In 1552, French poet Joachim DuBellay (1522-1560) traveled from his native country to the Eternal City of Rome and found it monumentally impressive but otherwise disappointing as his nave assumptions wilted in the indifferent glare of the harsh Italian sun. During this period of disillusionment however he produced his most famous collection of poems, Les Regrets.

Three years after his return to France, DuBellay died at thirty-seven.

Read poem XI from Les Regrets, the most famous poem in the French language.


The Truth About Rome

1. A Garden

2. Powell's Point

3. After the Deluge

4. Lover

5. A Girl

6. Pink and Blue

7. Rosemary

8. An Actor

9. The Leather Jacket

10. Taurus

11. A Better Place

12. A Prayer

13. Joachim

14. Advice

15. Monster

16. Pylons

17. Tranquil House

18. Broadway

19. La L'Ollonais

20. A Flower

21. Intense

22. The Wind

23. Tiger

24. Flagro Non Consumor

25. Clover and Crimson

26. "Free"

27. A World

28. For the Common Working Woman

29. Ring

30. Dullards

31. For No One

32. This Time Yesterday

33. Out of Sight

34. R.I.P.

35. Asleep on the Plain



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